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Business Area

Pharmaceutical Business

01Pharmaceutical BusinessPharmaceutical Business
  • APIs
  • Intermediates
  • Additives
  • Reagent
  • Natural Extracts
  • License In/Out

Chemical Business

02Chemical BusinessChemical Business
  • Raw material for semiconductors
  • Core raw material for the secondary battery
  • OLED etching material
  • New flame-retardant material
  • Other eco-friendly material, precision chemical additives (catalyst)

Food/ HealthCare Products

03Food/ HealthCare ProductsFood/ HealthCare Products
  • A new cosmetics brand "GLINITY"
  • Food additives
  • Health functional food
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical device / Quasi-drug

GLINITYOwn Cosmetic Brand


In March 2022, the cosmetic brand
 'GLINITY' was launched. 

From the beginning of product development, VONBIO developed a differentiated product from a Pharmaceutical
and Bio-based patent with valid ingredients through collaboration with professional partners in Korea and overseas.
We have launched a wrinkle care balm with botulenin as the main ingredient.
Please check the brand website for more information.GLINITY Site