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  • Pharmaceutical BusinessPharmaceutical Business
  • Chemical BusinessChemical Business
  • Food/ HealthCare ProductsFood/ HealthCare Products


  • Establishment of the ONE-STOP raw material pre-development system through CRO&CMO base through a partnership with domestic/foreign partners
  • Development of a new drug candidate substance and existing API manufacturer / Establishment of an exclusive supply system
  • Lab-Pilot-Commercial Custom synthesis and development
  • Consignment·production of synthesis study on electronic material substances


  • Exclusive supply through raw material medicine (API) manufacturer partnership establishment
  • Excipient, additives wholesale
  • Vitamin, amino acids
  • Raw material for health functional food and food additives


  • Chemical global sourcing / export-import trade including raw material medicine, intermediates, reagents, and semiconductor starting substances, etc.
  • Export API manufactured by Korean partners
  • Import/distribution of hazardous chemical substances(Securing business permission)
  • Import/distribution of food raw ingredients

DMF/GMP Consulting

04DMF/GMP ConsultingDMF/GMP Consulting
  • DMF/GMP Consulting
  • Registration/development of DMF for overseas raw material medicine
  • Technology transfer/export (Korea ↔ China)
    (Synthetic technology/pharmaceutical manufacturing technology)
  • Responses to audits of Korea/overseas GMP and DMF, interpretation and translation specialized in pharmaceuticals

Licensing In/Branding

05Licensing In/BrandingLicensing In/Branding
  • Product introduction of overseas health functional food, cosmetics, medical devices, and Quasi-drugs
  • Development of own-brand products
  • Brand consulting and sales partnerships
  • Business partnering