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[Launch Announcement] Glinity Aesthetic Derma Filler Line
Vonbio is proud to announce the launch of our new Glinity Aesthetic Derma Filler Line, an innovative step forward in strengthening our beauty and healthcare portfolio.  This new product line, aimed at the global market, officially debuted in April 2024. Our promotional efforts began in earnest at this year's Kazakhstan Beauty Expo and will continue at Beauty Istanbul.  We are committed to showcasing the Gliniti Filler at various beauty fairs internationally, signaling our active engagement in the global beauty scene. Plans are in place to progressively expand the Glinity Aesthetic Derma Filler line, offering enhanced beauty solutions worldwide.     1. Glinity Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Filler: 3 types (S, M, L) The Gliniti HA Fillers are designed as single-phase products, produced using a specialized grinding machine and a consistent injection process.  These soft gel fillers are crafted to deliver natural-looking results.  They minimize pain and enhance stability during procedures through an optimal cleaning process and an ideal lidocaine content.       2. Glinity L and G Fillers: 2 types L (PLA+HA) and G (PLGA+HA) Our L and G fillers use PLA and PLGA ingredients, approved for safety by the U.S. FDA, to stimulate autologous collagen production. These polymer fillers not only provide natural volume but also represent safe, next-generation technology having passed extensive safety and performance evaluations.     3. Glinity Lip 
Announcement of Vonbio Official Blog Opening
We are pleased to announce that the official blog of Vonbio has been opened. (Link to the blog)   Thank you.
December 2023 Social Contribution Practice
In December 2023, VONBIO carried out donations to Muncheon Welfare Center and Gwangjin Welfare Foundation as part of its social contribution efforts. This donation, made with the hope of helping the marginalized communities in the local area, is intended to be used for various support activities targeting low-income families and the elderly. VONBIO is committed to continuously engaging in contribution activities that reach out to the overlooked sectors of society. We hope that our small donation becomes a significant first step in bringing about substantial change.  VONBIO aspires to be a company that practices the values of love and sharing. Thank you.
CPhI Worldwide Attendance and 4th Anniversary Overseas Workshop in Spain
  VONBIO attended 'CPhI Worldwide 2023', the world's largest pharmaceutical and biotech exhibition, held in Barcelona, Spain, fr|om October 24th to 26th over three days. During the event, we actively promoted the export of our 'Glinity' products, operating a joint booth with our overseas partners. We also focused on strengthening business cooperation and discovering new trading partners through local meetings with existing overseas partners, which had been challenging over the past three years due to COVID-19. After the exhibition, we held a two-day workshop in Barcelona and Madrid to commemorate our 4th anniversary. This included various local tours and activities, such as exploring Gaudi's architectural works, the Royal Palace of Madrid, and a humanities tour of the Prado Museum, which allowed us to experience the language, history, and culture of Spain, and gain valuable insights. Moreover, we enjoyed a pleasant time of refreshment through various gaming events and award ceremonies. This participation in the CPhI Worldwide exhibition and workshop served as an opportunity for enhancing employee job competencies and fostering unity and communication. In the future, we will continue to strive towards a healthy organizational culture that encourages mutual consideration and support, focusing on growth as positive and passionate talents. Thank you.  
[Product Launch] Glinity Clostridium Butyricum Comfort Slim-Probiotics
Hello, This is Vonbio. We are pleased to announce that as of June 15th, we have launched our Clostridium Butyricum Comfort Slim-Probiotics  under our self-brand Glinity, as part of our inner beauty lineup. Butyric acid bacteria is a type of probiotic beneficial to our body. It is a bacterium that can produce butyric acid, a core substance in our intestines. Resistant to high temperatures and stomach acid, it boasts a survival rate of over 90% in the intestines. By promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria and inhibiting harmful ones, it helps maintain a healthy intestinal flora. Moving forward, we are committed to diversifying our lineup of beauty and food products  by continually integrating competitive raw materials and new technologies. We appreciate your interest and support.  Thank you. Website :    
Natural Products Expo West 2023 (3/8~3/12) Anaheim Organic Expo Visit
Vonbio visited the 'Natural Products Expo' held at the Anaheim Convention Center in the United States fr|om March 8th (Wed) to 12th (Sun). Through the world's largest comprehensive exhibition of natural, organic, and health-related products, we were able to recognize the latest trends in the industry and gain an opportunity to understand global trends. Vonbio plans to launch a butyric acid bacteria probiotics product in May 2023 and will continue to do its best in developing valuable healthcare products.
Visited the international medical device fair 'Dubai Arab Health 2023'
Vonbio visited the Dubai Arab Health exhibition fr|om January 30th (Mon) to February 2nd (Thu). In order to make 2023 the first year of successful exports, we will maximize our overseas export and new product licensing opportunities through continuous and focused visits to overseas clients and thoroughly planned promotions. We will gradually expand our foothold for overseas expansion through various channels, and our company will actively invest available resources for overseas exports, focusing our efforts on the development of new products that can succeed in overseas markets.
[Update item] Beta-Glucogallin (Cas No. : 13405-60-2)
Hello. This is VONBIO.   We introduce our new items as follows.     Thank you.  VONBIO CO.,LTD.  
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