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About Us

Company Overview


On the journey to optimal human health and a happy daily life, VONBIO would like to play a small but meaningful role in pharmaceutical drug -food, precision chemical materials, and cosmetic businesses through a joint study with Korean/overseas companies, development, and production. The purpose of VONBIO's existence is as mentioned. Under this mission, we will continue to create opportunities with constant innovation and flexible and open collaboration. We have the ability to respond sensitively to a rapidly changing market and identify client needs beforehand to discover new values.

Through a foundation of solid growth, we will not hesitate to take on brave challenges, maintain the core value of the company, and establish ourselves as a company with a clear socially responsible position.


Mission & Core Values


A company with a clear purpose for a valuable social existence in the name of
human health and a happy daily life

A company with a clear purpose of social existence value for human health and happy daily life.

Core Values
Value being together
Value of being together
  • Value of happiness that grows for all VONBIO members, family, clients, and social members
  • Establish a foundation with synergistic development through Open Innovation R&D, optimal CMO production base, and consignment production
Leading innovation and change
Leading innovation and change
  • Recognize and respect the value of the learning process through thorough preparation and bold execution all the while finding the momentum for sustainable growth
  • Foster an active organizational culture in innovation and challenges with open diversity
Leading innovation and change
Virtue of sharing
The Virtue of sharing
  • An active organizational culture in good practice for the purpose of good health and happiness of its social members
  • A sense of responsibility that contributes to social justice through sincere tax payment, sharing, and service



Our promise to make a new leap forward

Detailed business strategy
  • Stable and sustainable growth of existing businesses
  • A detailed plan and promotion for the new and upcoming future-oriented business
  • Securing the foundation for a synergistic development through borderless collaboration and an environment for open thoughts
Execution strategy
  • Strengthen global network expertise / Strengthen member capabilities
  • Fast and flexible organizational teamwork
  • A bold challenge to embody the imagination without doubt and hesitation