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CEO Message

CEO message
CEO message

We'll be the best V CREATOR
to help our clients realize their dreams.

In the hope for a safe and happy tomorrow, we strive to create new values centering on the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, display, secondary battery, and energy material businesses. Moreover, we seek to find the value of social existence through constant vigilance and new challenges. We respect diversity, continue to explore and challenge new things, and will benefit humanity as part of our social responsibility and mission at VONBIO.

Since its foundation in 2019, VONBIO has expanded its business focus to drug and medicine, semiconductors, secondary batteries, high-tech materials, and other new businesses, laying the foundation for sustainable growth. Thus, it has been recognized for its expertise by various Korean and overseas clients. We are conducting joint studies, new product development, consignment production, and raw material supply with synthetic-bio companies. Furthermore, VONBIO will face challenges, grow with clients, and move forward vigorously as a leading pioneer into the future with specialized competitiveness in addition to our core values known as 3V (Value, Variety, Virtue).

We would like to express our gratitude to our clients for supporting our "value being together" and for their strong trust and warm encouragement. We wish you will always the best of health and all things that make you happy.Thank you.
Rodic Na (CEO)